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Part 1: Use VSAE to create a new Management Pack Project

This is Part 1 in a multi-part series explained here:


Step 1:  Install a supported version of Visual Studio.


Step 2:  Install the VSAE components from


Step 3:  Open Visual Studio.  File > New > Project




Step 4:  Pick the version you want to write for, and give your project a name based on a naming standard.  My naming standard will be “CompanyID.AppName” so if my company abbreviation is “Fab” (for Fabrikam) and I am writing this to monitor a custom application (I will make up a fake “DemoApp”)  I will call mine “Fab.DemoApp”




Step 5: 

Right click your “Fab.DemoApp” in solution explorer, and choose properties:




Here you can make changes to the core properties of your MP:




you can configure these to automatically deploy as you build the MP, to a development management group if you wanted, and even seal the MP as you build.

You are almost done!  We have the basic framework of a MP now, which is mostly empty except for some default references.  Let’s build this one just for fun.




Step 6: Build > Build Solution




In your output – you will see if it built successfully or if you had a problem that needs to be fixed:




In your bin\Debug path, which is where the management pack is written – open the XML using XML Notepad just to view it:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <ManagementPack SchemaVersion="2.0" ContentReadable="true" xmlns:xsd=""> <Manifest> <Identity> <ID>Fab.DemoApp</ID> <Version></Version> </Identity> <Name>Fab.DemoApp</Name> <References> <Reference Alias="System"> <ID>System.Library</ID> <Version>7.5.8501.0</Version> <PublicKeyToken>31bf3856ad364e35</PublicKeyToken> </Reference> </References> </Manifest> </ManagementPack>


As you can see – it is pretty much empty, having only a Manifest section.  This will grow as we start to use fragments to add monitoring.


Step 7:  Save your MP

Use the “Save All” buttons at the top to make sure you save your changes.



This will be the foundation MP for all the Parts moving forward.

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  1. Jerry Krasnesky

    I just wanted to express my appreciation for you posting this set of instructions. I’ve been supporting MOM/SCOM for quite awhile and a gap I’ve always had was the MP development aspect and your posting has helped me to take a step towards eliminating that gap. So thank you very much.

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