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Customize SCOM HTML based email alert formatting

One of the new features in SCOM 2019 and later is HTML based emails.

This is great – because they are much more attractive and configurable over the previous plain text.



SCOM 2016 and earlier alerts:




Has plain text email like this:



This same email in SCOM 2019 and later:



Looks great right???


A big complaint here is that the Alert Description now shows up as one big blob of text, in HTML format.  The line breaks are not honored and this is very hard to read.

The cool thing about HTML, is that you have a LOT of control over how things are presented visually, and the SCOM HTML supports CSS controls.

A simple change the in the SCOM Notification Channel from this line:

<b>Alert description:</b> $Data[Default='Not Present']/Context/DataItem/AlertDescription$<br />

To this:

<div style="white-space: pre"><b>Alert description:</b> $Data[Default='Not Present']/Context/DataItem/AlertDescription$<br /></div>

and our emails will format exactly as they are seen in the console:






    • Kevin Holman

      You use the copy button, then copy the entire thing to notepad, make your edits – then copy and use the paste button. You cannot directly edit.

  1. Sandro

    Hi Kevin
    We made the changes in our environment (SCOM2019) but the mail format is still “ugly” 🙁 do we have to restart some services or other workarounds?

    • Kevin Holman

      No – you don’t need to. How odd. Are you should you made changes to the SMTP channel that the subscription is using?

      Also – is the alert description “ugly” in the console too?

      • Sandro

        yes, we only have one SMTP channel.
        in the scom-console itself, the description-field looks fine. its only the mail-output that is still broken…

        • Sandro

          ok, it seems that our local SMTP-server has something to do with. if i configured the SMTP directly to Exchange Online then the format is working….

  2. Rico Dittmer

    How do you embed an image in the body of the email?
    We’d like to show a company logo.
    I used an image located on a shared drive, but if the user opens the email off the network, the image won’t show.

  3. Pieter van Blommestein

    How do I configure an email notification to Remedy to a specific Remedy server? Starting from the channel to the subscription, please.
    This is what I have for the fields the Remedy team requires:
    Schema: Target Staging
    Server: Remedy server name
    Login: login id
    Password: login id
    Action: Submit
    Format: Short
    Submitter !2!: login id
    Request Customer – Remedy Login !536870942!: systemcenterclientname
    Request Summary !536870914!: Summary of Ticket to be created
    Request Notes !536870915!: Detailed description of the ticket being logged
    Request Impact !536870918!: 2-Significant/Large
    Request Urgency !536870919!: 2-High
    Request Type !536870920!: Infrastructure Event
    Support Group Company !536870929!: Company name in Remedy
    Support Group Organization !536870933!: Company org in Remedy
    Support Group Name !536870935!: ASI – Assignment group name
    Ops Tier 1 !536870949!: END USER SERVICES
    Ops Tier 2 !536870950!: ERROR REPORTING
    Ops Tier 3 !536870951!: SW-APPLICATION ERROR
    Prod Tier 1 !536870954!: Software
    Prod Tier 2 !536870955!: Operating System Software
    Prod Tier 3 !536870956!: Operating System
    Product Name !536870957!: Microsoft Windows
    Request Work Log Notes !536870926!: Client name SCOM – Automated email integration Alert logged
    Altron Action !536870927!: INC-CREATE
    Create New Request !536870932!: Yes

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