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SQL Mirroring Version Agnostic Management Pack

I have released a management pack which will monitor SQL Mirroring on SQL 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019.

Quick download:

SQL mirroring has been deprecated, in favor of using Always On.  However, as customers migrated to the SQL Server Version Agnostic Management pack for monitoring SQL DB engines, they discovered that Microsoft did not include SQL mirroring in that MP.  As an addendum – I used the SQL 2016 Mirroring management pack as a foundation, and re-architected it to discover and monitor SQL mirroring databases and witnesses on SQL 2012+, in conjunction with the SQL Version Agnostic MP for DB Engines.

Objects discovered:

  • Mirrored Database
  • Mirror Witness
  • Mirror Group


  • Mirroring Synchronization Status
  • Witness Status
  • Partner State Status






The Folder is integrated in the root folder for the SQL Management Pack:





The Database Mirror status monitor configuration:


Witness monitor:



  1. Graham

    Are the ‘SQL Server Mirroring Groups’ and ‘SQL Server Mirroring Components’ groups meant to have the message “The group can not be modified because there is no group population rule defined for this group”? What are these used for?

    • Kevin Holman

      Yes – this is the normal message when the group is defined by something that the UI does not understand.

  2. Konrad

    I can’t install this MP due to the error occurring during import:

    This management pack cannot be imported.

    : Cannot load the management pack from the specified sealed assembly file: C:\Users\x\Desktop\
    This assembly is not fully signed. Cannot verify the strong name signature of the file: C:\Users\x\Desktop\

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