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Windows Server Backup Management Pack

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This is a simple MP to discover when the Windows Server Backup Feature is installed on your servers, and automatically monitor for backup job success or failure.  I noticed we don’t offer anything for this and many customers use this feature.






This monitors the Microsoft-Windows-Backup Event log using Alert Rules, for errors when backup jobs run. 

It also includes a monitor to show the state of the last backup, if there was one.


  1. David Bowles

    Hi Kevin,

    Can this be used for MARS backups? We use that for system state and files and folders on physical servers. We get emails from Azure when there is an issue but having a SCOM alert would be really nice.

    Thanks, David

    • Kevin Holman

      No, it wont apply to MARS agents, however, a similar solution could be developed provided there is data we can get locally from the MARS agent.

  2. Daniel

    Hi Kevin. Ive tried to import your management pack but I get the following error as soon as I try to import it:

    “This management pack cannot be imported.

    : XSD verification failed for the management pack. [Line: 53, Position: 69]
    ‘>’ is an unexpected token. The expected token is ‘=’. Line 53, position 69.”

    Do you have any advise, please?

    • Kevin Holman

      I imported this in SCOM 2012, 2016, and 2019 without issue. Did you try and copy/paste the XML from the Github site, or did you download it as a zip file? You should always download it as a zip.

    • Kevin Holman

      It was pulled. No longer available. That site is not official. And looking at that MP, there was MUCH to be improved upon. Bad discovery, event monitors are terrible, and the MP guide was really, really terrible. I can see why it got pulled.

  3. charlez

    Nice MP, extra handy would be if there was a monitor that checks if the backup did run last x-hours. Otherwise you would not know that it did not run.

        • Kevin Holman

          You will have to open the properties of the monitor and change it. This monitortype did not include override properties for time.

          • Charlez

            My monitor should fire if the backup has not run in 6h. It must run every 6h

            Changed the consolidator to



            not sure if that is correct. Not used to altering MP’s

          • Kevin Holman

            I’d recommend finding the monitor in the UI console – then right click it – then modify it as needed – not in the XML. There is a simple scheduler configuration available in the UI.

  4. Borut Zidarič

    I cannot import also. it says:

    This management pack cannot be imported.

    : XSD verification failed for the management pack. [Line: 15, Position: 76]
    ‘>’ is an unexpected token. The expected token is ‘=’. Line 15, position 76.

    • Kevin Holman

      You are the second person to report this, but I cannot reproduce it. Are you downloading the zip file, or copy/pasting the XML out?

  5. John Edmondson

    Would the regex not be better this way? ^(2|3|5|6|7|8|9|11|12|13|15|16|17|18|19|20|21|22|23|25|49|50|51|52)$
    I see it picking up an event ID 99 A scheduled backup has been configured for this computer.

    • Kevin Holman

      You could absolutely do that with a generic rule. But you would not get unique alert names and content for each scenario that the event represents.

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