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MP Authoring with fragments – Introducing combo fragments

Check out the latest video, from my session at Silect MP University

This video introduces some new combo fragments to help discover an application, monitor the app, create views for the application owner, all in a single step, with very limited information or time required.

Link to recording:

Silect MP Author Pro:

Kevin Holman’s Fragment Library:

Using fragments in Visual Studio and MP Author (Previous sessions) recording:


  1. Kenneth Wengzen

    Excellent 5’*’s presentation May 21 MPsilect day training. So *if* someone waited around for the day’s last session–(yours!) s/he was not disappointed.
    I am learning in-depth XML fragments for building LINUX application EDI process monitors in SCOM 2016 with my tiny Chicagoland team.
    I will enjoy this blog site and your training videos—thank you!

    …Watching your 3pm presentation yesterday showed me, I do have a good (flawed) understanding of SCOM XML elements / attributes structures but obviously LACK the working relationship for Discovery, Classes, Monitors, Overrides, Packages— that general architecture during the build/testing phases.
    I love XML fragments, the MP studio GUI tool and now v10 enhancements! Thanks!

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