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SCOM Unsealed MP Backup


Quick Download:


This MP has been tested in SCOM 2012 through SCOM 2019.

This is a management pack that I use in every customer environment.  You *NEED* to backup your unsealed MP’s.  This will allow you to quickly recover from a mistake, without having to restore your databases from a backup.  Over the years, I have seen many customers accidentally delete workflows, mess up their RunAs accounts, break AD integration, or break their notifications.  All of these things are stored in unsealed MP’s.  We really need to back them up, with a daily history.  The amount of space needed is very small.


This is an updated version of the community MP from written by Neale Brown, Derek Harkin, Pete Zerger and Tommy Gunn from SystemCenterCentral.


It contains a single rule which now targets the “All Management Servers Resource Pool” which will give this workflow high availability.



The rule runs once per day (24 hours) and executes a PowerShell script.

You can override or directly edit the Write Action configuration for the number of days, and the share location, or local directory:





This will create these directories if they do not exist, either a local path on the management server, or on a share you provide as above.




It will log events to the SCOM event log for tracking:





This script will run on one of your SCOM management servers, and will execute as the SCOM Management Server Action Account by default.  If you want to specify a specific account, there is a RunAs profile included.  You will need to use an account that has SCOM admins rights to the SDK, and read/write access to the directory or share that you choose.




Changes made:

  • Supports multiple management groups exporting to the same share path
  • Add start and completion event logging.
  • Make SCOM management group SDK connection more reliable and with debug logging
  • Changed the rule target to the AMSRP from RMSe for high availability and future compatibility
  • Minor renames of MP ID, script, workflows, modules.  Cleaned up displaystrings.


You can download the MP here:


  1. George

    Hi Alex,
    Rule –> Properties –> Configuration –> Data Source – EDIT and you should be able to specify a small interval there to test it as you want.

  2. MOH

    Is the MP on the gallery supported on SCOM 2019 under Server 2019 OS Platform? Reason it does not create the needed rules “SCOM Unsealed MP Backup Rule”

  3. Stephan

    Hi Kevin,

    the Download link does not work anymore and I cant find the MP in the gallery, could you please update the info on where to download the MP ?



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  5. Rebecca

    Good Timezone to you. Do you know yet if this will work with SCOM2022? It’s a really handy MP to have imported and I can’t seem to see if it’s supported in SCOM2022?

    Thank you for all the hard work you do in SCOM!

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