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Management Pack authoring the REALLY fast and easy way, using Silect MP Author and Fragments


Silect MP Author Professional just added support for Visual studio fragments.  If you didn’t get to attend the webinar on this – here is the recording.

MP Authoring just got really easy, and really FAST.  Check out the video and see how using MP fragments can take your SCOM environment to a whole new level.



Link to recording:  YouTube

Silect MP Author Pro:

Kevin Holman’s Fragment Library:

Using fragments in Visual Studio (Previous session) recording:  YouTube


  1. Lawrence

    I’ve tried using the Free version but it is not compatible with System Center Orchestrator. Getting error that the MP is not valid.

  2. Saiyad

    Hi Kevin,

    I saw your Fragments videos and just bought MP Author Pro from Silect and really looking forward to trying this out.

    Need some guidance:

    So I started with this article:

    and you passed me the below:

    This is the one that has the Fragment that can do this already:

    So far:

    Have created Registry Keys for “Company Domain” (as we monitor several Domains), “Application” and “Priority” for all our Servers.

    Do I continue to follow through with this article “creating-custom-dynamic-computer-groups-based-on-registry-keys-on-agents” to create Groups using the Attribute, like create Attribute in SCOM as its own Class and SEAL etc or i stop there and just start using your Fragments “Class.Group.WindowsComputers.mpx” to start creating my Groups using my Registry Key for “Application”?

    I see in your examples that you are using one “Service” monitor to be discovered and one process monitor etc – is it possible to keep adding multiple Service Monitor and Process fragments in this one MP?

    Reason for asking is because I have 3 Servers (and more for other Apps) that comprise an Application:

    Server 1 runs 3 Service named as below:
    Apple Blue
    Apple Red
    Apple Green

    Server 2:
    Apple White
    Apple Black
    Apple Pink

    Server 3:
    Apple Purple
    Apple Orange
    Apple Yellow

    Or is it possible to use Wildcard in these Fragments, like the name Apple.* or is there RegEx to be used to achieve this?

    • Kevin Holman

      What is the purpose of the property? Are you creating an application class for targeting? Or just a property for creating groups?

  3. Saiyad

    Hi Kevin,

    I would say both.
    Application and Priority RegKeys get displayed on the SCOM console for every server when Discovery Target is changed to “my Extended Class”.

    This is to help my Level One Support to identify the Application an Priority for a server alert and escalate accordingly.

    Also, I created the “Application” regkey so i can Group Applications and put in Health Watchers for Application specific grouping, alerting and reporting as you have mentioned in your articles and MP Author video.

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