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SCOM Agent Version Addendum Management Pack




***Note – this applies to SCOM 2012 and 2016.  This issue is fixed in SCOM 2019 and later.

Quick Download:


One of the pain points in SCOM is keeping your agents up to date with your current UR level.

What makes this worse, is the view in the SCOM Console for “Agent Managed” where you could actually fix agents with a “repair” does NOT show you the UR level of the agent.

That has changed with this MP.

This management pack sample will disable the built in discovery for “Microsoft.SystemCenter.DiscoverHealthServiceProperties” which has a display name of “Discover Health Service Properties”

It will replace it with a new discovery that attempts to get the Agent Version from a file, that gets updated with every agent update.


***Note:  This discovery requires PowerShell on the agents in order to work.  If you still have old Windows Server 2008 agents and have not installed PowerShell, it will simply not return updated version data for those.  This is not a concern for SCOM 2016, since all SCOM 2016 agents require PowerShell as a minimum requirement.  However, for SCOM 2012 R2 it is possible to have agents without PowerShell.  Those will simply retain their previous values.

In SCOM 2016, it will change this:




to this:



Now, you can sort by this column, and if you find agents that are not up to date, simply multi-select the agents you want to fix, and run a “Repair” against them:




If you multi-select, you just need to ensure all agents you are selecting report to the same Management Server, and have “Remotely Manageable” set to Yes.  If you want to change manually installed agents back to Remotely Manageable – see:


This works in SCOM 2012 as well, with the caveat posted above about PowerShell:





You can download this addendum MP here:

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