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Where are the Server 2016 Management Packs?



I will try to use this post as a running record to help you find all the MP’s that we have released for Windows Server 2016 OS and the unique server roles for which we create MP’s for.

As with all MP’s, you should give great scrutiny, and only import MP’s that are directly relevant to your monitoring requirements.


Last updated 4-8-2019

Windows Server Operating System 2016+
Active Directory Domain Services
AD Certificate Services
Cluster 2016+
DHCP 2016+
DNS 2016+
WS 2016 Essentials
WS 2016 Guarded Fabric
WS 2016 Host Integration Server
WS 2016 Hyper-V
IIS 2016+
NLB 2016+
Print Services 2016+
WS 2016 Remote Desktop (RDS)
WS 2016 SDN
WS 2016 Storage Spaces (S2D)
WS 2016 WSUS


  1. Chris

    Hi Kevin

    There has been an update to most of the Server 2016 & 1709 + Management Packs in April 2019, the “Microsoft System Center Management Pack for Windows Server Operating System 2016 and 1709 Plus” link below has the wrong documentation attached though, it contains the DNS documentation and not the Operating System version:

    Can you look to get this rectified?


  2. Kian

    Hi Kevin, I am fairly new to SCOM. My company is upgrading our servers to Server 2016. Am I correct in saying that Management Packs for Server 2016 does not work on SCOM 2012 R2? As well, does SCOM 2012 R2 work on Server 2016?

  3. Daren

    Hi Kevin, it looks like there is no Doc for the Microsoft System Center 2016 Management Pack for WSUS. The link has MSI files, but MP Documentation files. We’d like to know what this MP does! Thanks!

    • Kevin Holman

      I don’t know. Sometimes the older MP’s will discover newer OS versions. That said – the old RDS MP is pretty bad. I’d be tempted to write my own MP or just use that one as a framework anyway.

  4. Robert Davignon

    Hi Kevin,
    I recently update this MP “Windows Server File & iSCSI Services 2016 and 1709 Plus” to version
    But now every 2016 servers, namespaces, replications, etc. are also in 2012r2. They also alerts in double 2012R2 and 2016 classes. If I remove the 2012 MP, I only have 2016 left. Are you aware of an update soon to correct this ? Thanks !

      • Gert Kienhuis

        I think the mp won’t even work, looking at the first discovery targeted at the class Microsoft.Windows.Server.10.0.Computer contains a registery discovery module. It does contain the regkey configuration but is missing a path which will never return a value.



        The 2012 mp version on the other hand does discovery 2016 servers too, it does contain a valid path for the DFS services and then it does verify the windows currentversion key, it should be 6.3. On 2016 servers it does report currentversion 6.3 while it is actually a 10.0 version.

  5. Robert

    Hi Kevin, the Hyper-v 2016 MP supports Hyper-v 2019. It monitors the same functionality, but not new features like deduplication for instance. Do you think there will be a dedicated Hyper-v 2019 MP?

  6. Saiyad Rahim

    Hi Kevin,

    I could not find any info in this MP for monitoring License Activation Status of a 2016 Server.
    Where is the MP or how do we monitor this for 2016+ Server OS?

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