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  1. Victor

    Hey Kevin!

    First and foremost, you’re a guru if I’ve ever seen one. What’s the best approach for a 3 state monitor for dependency rollup? There’s not one native to the application and I’ve been trying various ways to accomplish this, but none have been working.

    Basically we have a load balanced environment and if one “App” goes down (not particulary server, as this sharepoint server is hosting multiple apps) it doesn’t mean the entire app is down. We want a warning state if lets say 50% of the defined objects are down.

    • Kevin Holman

      Take a look at the older ADMP – the AD site scenarios for examples. You basically need a class hosted by the management server (or unhosted) then relationships/dependency monitors to the child classes, with rollup using percentage. AD sites do this when greater than x% have a problem. You can also use groups for this. Use a group with a dependency rollup to the group class, with “x%”.

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