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Web Application recorder R2 – the recorder bar missing in IE?

Sometimes getting the web application recorder to capture a web session can be a little tricky.  I have blogged about some typical issues you might run into HERE

Something I noticed today, with R2:

When running the R2 console on an x64 machine – the web recorder bar is not coming up. 

On my x86 machine – it was working just fine, however.  I notice – when I go into IE settings, Tools, Manage Add-ons….. I see this on a working machine:


However – these add-ons are missing on my x64 based consoles.

The problem turned out to be…. that when you install the console on an x64 machine, it registers the x64 version of these add-ons.  However – the IE browser launched by default by hitting “Start Capture”, is the x86 version.  You have to manually launch the x64 IE shortcut – in order to use the web recorder browser.

So here are some steps to make this work:

1.  Open the web application editor

2.  Hit “Start Capture”

3.  This will launch Internet Explorer in 32 bit mode.  Close this browser.

4.  From the start menu, run Internet Explorer (64-bit)

5.  The web recorder will appear.  (If not – choose View > Explorer Bars > Web Recorder)

From there you can record your session, hit stop, and it will populate the web application tool as normal.  Just a minor inconvenience of closing one browser, and opening another.

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  1. Johnny

    Hi Kevin,

    I am wondering is it possible to monitor a website require user to enter the username and password at the login page? I tired few times but when i “Run Test” it got the right cross icon next to that step. Please advise if there have any other option.

    Thank you!

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