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Creating a Group based on OU (Organizational Unit) in Active Directory

Here is a really cool feature of OpsMgr:  the ability to create groups easily based on any discovered attribute of an object.

OU is something that is part of the Windows Computer object discovery.  If you examine a state view – you will see in the details pane discovered information… and OU is there.  Typically this means we can likely use that object (Windows Computer) and OU will be a discovered attribute of that.


This also means is we personalize a Windows Computer based state view – we can add OU:   image

To use a grouping, create a group, add Windows Computer object, and then a rule based on OU:



A right click – view group members reveals:



  1. George Symeonides

    Great article Kevin! This is a good candidate for a fragment, which could be extended by adding a membership rule for the respective health service watchers.

  2. Julian C

    Hi Kevin,

    if I do groups the way you explain here via OU and I create an Alert view for for that group, will they still get Heartbeat alerts in their views as well?

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